SugarBeats Gigs 2018 

13/01/18     The Elm Tree, Beckenham

20/01/18     Great British Rock and Blues Festival, Skegness 6pm Introducing Stage 

26/01/18     The Swan West Wickham

31/03/18     Lincoln Arms, Dorking

07/04/18    Blues at the Bell, Bearstead

14/04/18     The Elm Tree, Beckenham

11/05/18     The Old House, Dorking

27/04/18     The Swan West Wickham

27/07/18     The Swan West Wickham

31/08/18    The Old House, Dorking

15/09/18     The Elm Tree, Beckenham

29/09/18     Crawley Labour Club - £2 on the door 

15/12/18     The Elm Tree, Beckenham

21/12/18   The Old House, Dorking



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